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Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. There are some smaller fireplaces, ideal for small rooms, which can be found for just over $200. Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs | 10 Piece Set of Ceramic Wood Logs. The electric fire continued to gain momentum through the early 1900s. You can change the flame size, color, intensity, and so forth. Dimplex is still one of the top brands for electric fireplaces. There are 4 settings on the dial. You can simply hang them on a load-bearing wall to enhance the look of the room. Most manufacturers will state in the description whether the fireplace comes with these items or if they are sold separately. They are most well known for the Real Flame Silverton, which feels and looks exactly like a fireplace without the smoke or flame. These are remarkable, portable, 3D flame electrical fireplaces that provide up to 5,200 BTUs and can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet. The best ones even have 3D technology so that you get the most realistic flames possible. Low Cost Fireplaces is currently CLOSED as the present time falls outside of the opening hours below. That fascination can turn into a dangerous situation around young children and pets. It can give your room an air of sophistication with its classic metal design and copper handles. These are made to be much cheaper, and you won’t ever have to buy firewood or gas to light them. If you are looking at a portable fireplace, then you probably won’t get the same range as the larger electrical fireplaces. However, having a timer saves on energy costs. You can also control sound and visual effects for most of the newer models. Electric fireplaces are so attractive for this safety concern alone because you never have to worry about the flames. In the past five years, the newer flameless fireplaces are considered safer heaters that can save space in your home as well as money. However, there are a variety of new furniture pieces that have a variety of options so you can install it in the wall or move it from room to room due to its compact design. 59.5-in W Canyon Lakes Pine Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace. These vent free gas logs are ideal for use in gas inserts, electric, vented or outdoor fire pits and different fire places. Nothing beats gathering outside under the stars and staying warm and toasty thanks to fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. You can simply hang on your wall by screwing it in place like you would with a TV mount. However, the remote control is probably the top accessory for one of these fireplaces. They don’t have the same challenges as a traditional fireplace nor do they require such costs to install. You want to purchase one that is capable of operating just like a real fireplace in terms of heat, especially if you are installing it permanently in your living room. Animals and fireplaces can often get into trouble simply because of the flames growing too hot and issues with smoke. 9. Our final review is for what we feel is the best small gas fireplace you can buy – the Pleasant Hearth 36” Compact Gas Fireplace. Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace. However, you can achieve the same effects with some furniture pieces like media consoles that have electric fireplaces built in. You can typically use these portable styles for seasonal aesthetic in different rooms. Some of the other brands are not so focused on creating the best looking flames, and so they may use older video displays, which are pixelated. You will likely to have perform a specific serach to find electrical flame fireplaces that come with sound effects as well. If you’re after the feel of having a nice fireplace in your home, this is the best choice to make. It typically costs about $0.09 per hour to run an electrical fireplace. The controls are totally customizable for whatever you want to do with your fireplace. These fireplaces look better when you have these elements in place. However, if you think the costs are too high or you’re not sure about hanging one, these are some different options that may be more affordable and easier to place in your home. However, it was still quite expensive to have inside of the home. You don’t have to clean out a chimney, for one. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Low Cost Fireplaces UK Hidden Concealed Wall Fireplace Mantelpiece Mantel Mantle Surround Hanging Fixing Brackets at You can change the intensity or look of the flames with just a few settings changes. Small electric fireplaces are often the preferred choice of homeowners because they’re practical, cost efficient, and strong. Another great thing about the flameless fireplace is that it does not produce smoke. However, all things do get dusty, and you may want to wipe inside with a dust cloth from time to time. These brands have been working hard to create realistic wood-burning effects with all of their products, and they have created a customer following with the quality of their products. Model #WSLWFP48-5. The flame effects have continued to be the focus for the fireplace, but it is truly a great heating invention. You simple plug it in and feel the heat. However, it was not practical for homes. Fireplaces & Accessories. Typically, units can put out up to 5,000 BTUs and heat up a large space of about 500 square feet. Typically, you can look at the description to see how the fireplace is installed. Duraflame also has different settings for brightness, color, and speed. Still, architects and designers were looking for ways to inspire innovative spaces and were taking inspiration from what they thought the future would look like. In some cases, these smaller fireplaces are under $60. During the past 10 years we have sold over 10,000 fireplaces with 100% positive feedback. You may pay more for a wall-mounted fireplace, but it’s the best value if you are looking for a truly electric, flameless fireplace that has design appeal. Unlike real fireplaces, the electric version does not need as much maintenance or care. Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Energy Efficient? They also add a bit of flair as a standalone cabinet piece or media center for the living room. Ideally, the gas line supply should be on the same side as the gas valve of the unit. Some media consoles are not made to support larger televisions that are over 55 inches. A gas fireplace insert is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution for adding warmth and ambiance to your home. Some gas fireplaces are small and designed for use in small rooms. But if we were to recommend the best small electric fireplace out of all the choices, we think we’d recommend the Duraflame Electric 3D Infrared Fireplace. These fireplaces plug into a standard 110 volt outlet, so you don’t need any type of ventilation to use it. A high-quality fireplace will have a long-term warranty of at least five years. However, these are the more advanced models. The Englander 27.5 in. If you have a small living space or just don’t like the look of freestanding wood stoves, you might prefer a fireplace insert. We stock an incredible range of gas fireplaces, a perfect asset to any room whether it be a modern focal point or adding a bit of rustic charm to your room. Their number one product is the Frigidaire 50” wall hanging electric fireplace. With 21000 BTUs maximum heat output and 36 x 16.31 x 34.06 inches in size, this natural gas burning fireplace will warm up a wide area at low cost and without sacrificing living space. Electric fireplaces are used not only for heating, but they’re also used for improving the ambiance. Just to give you an idea, this one has a power of 1500W, which is equivalent to about 5100 BTU. Model #23MM7520-PD23. View on Amazon. 00 The fireplace is rather large and fits seamlessly on any load-bearing wall. This surround re novation by the duo behind Chris loves Julia incorporates the latter. Reviews based on facts. We boast a large range of stunning high-quality fireplaces, mantels and stoves. Top 10 Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces of 2021 – Reviews. The effects are incredibly real, and the design also resembles exactly what you think of when it comes to a traditional fireplace. Most of the wall-mounted fireplaces will have the same heat strength. The top brands for modern fireplaces focus on design, convenience, and ease of installation. In addition, you may have a separate warranty if you purchase the fireplace as a furniture insert. The amount of electric fireplaces selling now is more than gas and wood-burning combined. Below you can find reviews of our recommendation for the Best Pellet Stove to make choosing the right one for you just a little easier. Enjoy! If you are renovating a home or building a new home, you may want to incorporate a built-in, recessed flameless fireplace.

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